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New Account Inquiries: 1-207-229-1161
We are available – Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM EST

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105 Country Club Road
Hollis Center, Maine
04042 USA

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’Cue Culture has a loyal following.

Our products represent a unique twist on traditional recipes. It’s tasty stuff, and we have a loyal customer base. People enjoy meeting our founder at events and promotions. Whether you’re a distributor, specialty meat market, gourmet food store, general store, gift store, or other specialty outlet, ‘Cue Culture will be happy to answer your inquiry about carrying ‘Cue Culture barbecue seasonings and rubs. We sell our products through some of the most recognized retailers and specialty boutiques in the Northeast and are expanding our presence around the country.

We are a Maine Made Product.

People love and respect products hand crafted in Maine, like ‘Cue Culture. Maine’s expansive beauty is legendary. Vast forestlands, thousands of miles of beaches, and enough lakes and mountains to lose yourself in for life.

And yet, as anyone who has been here will tell you, Maine’s truest character is revealed in the details, including a people who are resourceful, dependable and inventive. A tradition of excellence passed down for generations, “Maine Made” is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

’Cue Culture is a member of the Maine Made program and is featured on The unique products featured in this Web Site represent some of the finest craftsmanship available today.

Asked for by name. Supported by live demonstrations.

Food lovers and barbecue enthusiasts, gift-givers, and every day folks – they all ask for ‘Cue Culture by name. After all, ‘Cue Culture supports its retailers and wholesalers by conducting demonstrations and getting our name out through participation in major food events and festivals.

Brand loyalty.

Better still, ‘Cue Culture customers are repeat buyers. You’re guaranteed repeat visits to your store.

Timely delivery, guaranteed availability.

’Cue Culture products are manufactured in partnership with a Maine based co-packer in Gray, Maine. That means you’re guaranteed to get the flavors and quantities you want – fast. No back orders, no substitutions necessary. Our Hollis Center headquarters is not a retail or manufacturing site.

Low minimum order.

Choose selections that suit your inventory… as few as 1 case or chose any combination of flavors and products for your first order.


’Cue Culture products are primarily distributed through specialty meat markets, boutique grocery stores, and gift shops like yours. That means you can be proud to carry a product with exclusive availability.

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