About ‘Cue Culture

The Man Behind the ‘Cue

If it were up to entrepreneur and chef Wayne Tuohey, Maine would be most famous for its unique, high quality barbecue. From his travels down south with his family, Wayne fondly remembers the roadside barbecue stands that lined the dusty roads.

“After devouring pulled pork and baked beans for years, I knew some day I would share my own blend of smoke, spices, fruit and other local ingredients with the world.”

Wayne has always been a student of premium spice blends – and a mad scientist at heart – so it wasn’t surprising when he set out to create his own small batch sauces and dry rubs. His bold approach and sense of humor lead him to ingenious experimentation with ingredients like black cherry preserves and piquant peppers of all varieties.

Inspired by Culture

In his travels, Wayne has sampled barbecue from all over the US and Caribbean. Imagine tender ribs from Memphis and St. Louis, pulled pork with vinegar sauce from North Carolina, brisket from Texas, thick, sweet, smoky sauce from Kansas City and the hottest, most flavorful jerk pork and chicken from Jamaica.

All of these tastes and experiences inspire ‘Cue Culture products. “When I slip into my mad scientist’s lab coat, I am uninhibited by each provincial style. I am free to experiment with all of these fantastic cultural influences,” says Tuohey.

Great Ingredients Make Great Food

Wayne is a stickler for detail and passionate about balance.

‘Cue Culture features fresh, high quality ingredients, each of which you can savor in its own right. Make no mistake; the peppers are hot. But you can really taste the shallots, fresh lime and ginger among the dashes of habenero pepper and vinegar. And we aren’t all about “temperature.” We play with sweetness, too, in ways you might not expect.

Look for innovative splashes of fruit and bourbon, lemon and nutmeg, or apricot, lime, and ginger that enhance the savory aroma in our dry-rubs, seasonings and delicious sauces. Then prepare your taste buds for a hint of Maine maple syrup and other fresh delights in Wayne’s unique twist on tradition.

The Essence of ‘Cue

‘Cue Culture blends south of the Mason-Dixon style cooking with a fresh new approach. Take it from Wayne, “I want my customers to become a part of the heritage & lore of barbecue… this is ‘Cue Culture. You can express yourself with my sauce and your own traditions, your own grill, your own back yard, and impress your friends and family with outstanding barbecue.”

Creator Wayne Tuohey and staff provide both the “‘cue artisan” and “‘cue challenged” with premium sauces, seasonings, and event catering at a reasonable price.